MADE IN UPSTATE NY, LLC, a small shop in Glens Falls, NY featuring the “local” artistry and craftsmanship of upstate New York.

Everywhere has one place that is perceived as defining the entire county/region/state. For those of us who live in New York state, it is New York City, “The City”, whose personality is so big and boisterous, that the rest of the state lives in its shadow.  As amazing as The City is, we are proud to be part of another New York, Upstate New York, a large area that encompasses as much diversity, beauty, and passion as The City.

In our humble opinion, the towns and people in Upstate New York have just as many awe-inspiring stories, talents, ideas, and passion as The City, with so much space though, it’s ja little harder to stumble upon at times. That is what this shop, Made in Upstate NY, is all about. Introducing our friends, family, neighbors, and visitors alike to the amazing items being made by our friends and neighbors!  We continually work to pull together items that inspire awe and amazement while introducing you to the people whose vision and passion are giving birth to new creations every day in Upstate New York!

Discover  hidden talents from all over Upstate New York!

Discover something new from your own backyard!

If you’re an upstate maker, we’d love to hear about you and your work! We’re always accepting applications and looking for new opportunities to work with our “local” makers.

Have a suggestion, idea or question for us? We’d love to hear from you!